Ahad, Mac 16, 2008


Abdullah tidak akan mengambil risiko untuk melantik Khairy. Bagaimana pun Khairy dikatakan akan bertindak menjadi penyokong kerajaan yang aktif di dalam Dewan Rakyat kelak!


AHLI Parlimen Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Khairy Jamaluddin dikatakan tidak akan dipilih untuk menyertai kabinet baru Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yang dijangka akan diumumkan pada Isnin ini.

“Nama Khairy tidak disenaraikan untuk menyertai kabinet Pak Lah”, demikian ujar satu sumber yang rapat Pergerakan Pemuda Umno dan juga rapat dengan ahli Parlimen berkenaan lewat malam ini.

Tambah sumber itu lagi Khairy yang juga Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno sudah tidak ada apa hubungan dan peranan dalam kabinet yang bakal diumumkan kelak.

Abdullah sendiri katanya sudah mulai sedar peranan dan penglibatan menantunya dalam membuat beberapa keputusan berhubung pilihan raya lalu memberikan imej tidak baik kepada dirinya dan BN.

Kalau Khairy dilantik menganggotai Kabinet ia menyebabkan imej Abdullah makin kotor dan rakyat yang selama ini bencikan Khairy kerana sikap dan perangai akan menjadi semakin benci dan menimbulkan masalah kepada Perdana Menteri dan BN.

Jadi kata sumber itu, Abdullah tidak akan mengambil risiko untuk melantik Khairy. Bagaimana pun Khairy dikatakan akan bertindak menjadi penyokong kerajaan yang aktif di dalam Dewan Rakyat kelak.

Perkembangan ini menolak desas desus yang tersebar luas sebelum ini yang mengatakan Abdullah akan mengambil menantunya menyertai kabinet.

Kementerian yang disebut akan diserahkan kepada Khairy ialah Kementerian Keselamatan (KKDN) di mana Khairy akan diberikan tugas selaku timbalan menteri yang bertanggungjawab kepada polis.

Selain kementerian itu Khairy juga disebut akan dilantik menjadi Timbalan Menteri Kewangan!

Sementara itu dari sau sumber lain pula menyebut anak lelaki Abdullah, Kamaluddin dikatakan marah dengan tindak tanduk adik iparnya itu dan menyalahkan Khairy kepada apa yang berlaku ke atas bapanya dan BN dalam pilihan raya lalu.

Ekoran itu keluarga Khairy dikatakan kurang senang atas apa yang berlaku itu dan ini menyebabkan hubungan kekeluargaan Khairy dan keluarga Abdullah berada dalam keadaan tidak harmoni dan sedikit tegang.

Menurut sumber itu juga keluarga Khairy tersinggung atas sikap Kamaluddin itu kerana Kamaluddin dikatakan telah memberi kata dua kepada Khairy dan tindakan Kamaluddin itu seolah tidak menghormati Khairy dan menjaga maruah keluarganya.

Perkembangan yang berlaku ini menyebabkan penghuni di kediaman Perdana Menteri di Putrajaya pada masa ini jadi tidak menentu.

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Awanama berkata...

Assalamualaikum tuan. Keadaan nampak semacam gawat. Pohon laluan untuk artikel ini. (Apa pandangan tuan?)...

The last few days has been rather troubling for me.. I was worried about the nation.

Last Thursday an elderly man who claims to represent several malay NGO that works behind the scene came to my house. Apparently he wanted to meet me when he heard I was the chairman of a house buyers committee whose property completion was delayed by 2 years due to some problems with a particular developer in Ulu Kelang.

After about half an hour chatting about my role, he started to deviate his topic towards politics. I told him that I am not in any political party. I am not loyal to political party but was only loyal to any agenda that is relevant to the country. He claims that he and several others of people like him work behind the scene to save the Malays and that he use to work with Pak Lah. He claims that the country is in danger of collapsing due to Anwar’s involvement with the American Democratic body which gives him money to do his political campaign here. Apparently he claims that Anwar is about to send ½ billion Sing Dollar into Sabah . He gave me some home made videos for my consumption. I saw them and my conclusion was…. it was a creative video. On the content whether there is any truth in it, I don’t know. I did not any good evidence in the CD.

After he left I ponder on what he said and what I saw on the video and immediately recalled an article I read in Malaysiakini where Anwar declared that PKR is the government in waiting. At the time of reading that news piece, I was under the impression that Anwar is telling people that by next GE (PRU 13), PKR will win and rule the country. Yesterday at a relative kenduri, I heard some background talk that Azmin in his speech at UK Perdana, which was done a day earlier that BN will collapse by July and Opposition will be running the country by then. My immediate reaction was huh..?

I was troubled by all this talk. My heart was really pounding. Further research on the internet (Ku Li pushing for UMNO EGM, change in oil price and several others led me to the following conclusion. It seems that when Anwar said “PKR is the government in waiting..” was sending a strong signal that the changes at the Federal level is very imminent. The fact that Sabah politician are easily bought, I am not surprised if indeed Anwar has gone shopping for parliamentarian in Sabah . If he manage to convince the Sabah politicians of forming an alliance with PKR then, BN government will collapse. This worries me.

Dear fellow Malaysian, I have a small request to put forward to all of you to consider.

Maintain the Check and Balance system.

There is saying .. “Politicians are strange bed fellows”. When we put the PKR-DAP-PAS to power, we did it for the purpose of check and balance. We need to have a check and balance system to ensure the best result will come out and the rakyat will benefit. If there is no check and balance then, things will go back to status quo. The only differences are the players.

Is the people who switch camps did this for the country or their personal interest?

Should we Malaysian, respect those parliamentarians that switch camps? Why did they switch? They did it because of personal interest. The interest of the nation is not on their priority list. If they are sincere and unhappy with BN they should have change the flag before contesting and not after winning. Should we respect those people who switch camps because of money? What kind of character that we send to represent us.

Are we Malaysian’s ready for this change?

Assuming that this changes does take place, we need to ask if the 22 million Malaysian ready for this. In my humble opinion, I can tell you NO. Malaysians are not ready for this change. There will be problems in large proportions and even Anwar or his people cannot do anything about it. The country will go into a turmoil. As the PKR-DAP-PAS alliance has swept 6 states (including WPKL) and this is already putting many people in jitters. Mentally Malaysian are not ready for this change. At a badminton game yesterday, I was told that the state assemblyman for Klang that beat Zakaria Deros daughter in-law (Roselinda Abdul Jalil) was actually a ground cabin technician with Transmile, I was shocked and almost choke. With no disrespect intended, how many more of this honest souls but lack of professional qualification is with PKR? Can they run the country? At the moment they are still groping about how to run the states.

Impact of change

In my honest assessment, I feel that there will riots. Malaysians are not ready for this kind of change. There will be trouble. MNC may pull out and there will be more unemployment. Investors will shy away for a few years. All this changes will cause the country to go into what I termed as a “spiral down effect”.

Saudara Anwar, I beg you. Please put the country interest above self. Stop this shopping activities for now (if it is true). Allow for gradual transition. Let PKR-DAP-PAS show and proof their capabilities in running the states first. If you are good and have successfully proven yourself, you should not worry. The seond tsunami wave will come. The people will give you the chance to run. As for Malaysians, I beg you that if any of the candidates has switch camps, you should go and meet your representative and tell him/her to resign. This is not the way government should be form. An old wise man once said to me – “Before building a house, make sure you are using a good material and make sure the pillars are straight. If not your house will collapse” . Honestly I hope and pray that we do not come to this stage.

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Re: from malaysia today (Score: 1)
by MelayuGlokal on Tuesday, March 18 @ 00:13:10 MYT
(User Info | Send a Message)
I heard the same thing from UMNO 'taiko' today. Anwar is funded by CIA, US as anak didik USA. Tons of money will flow into Malaysia, of course through Anwar. BN and Malay UMNO, be careful.

PakLah should resign now!

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Re: Re: from malaysia today (Score: 1)
by mohdnasir on Tuesday, March 18 @ 01:27:59 MYT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Wah! Now people can buy people. Shopping for slave.

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Re: Re: Re: from malaysia today (Score: 1)
by BNPilihanku on Tuesday, March 18 @ 09:56:15 MYT
(User Info | Send a Message)
semua pakai duit dah.....banyak betul duit si aljuburi ni..patutla si lokman adam pernah bocokan rahsia mana PKR dapat duit....ini kerojenya aljuburi ni!

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Re: from malaysia today (Score: 1)
by razlanisa on Tuesday, March 18 @ 01:11:08 MYT
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Not only will the Malays be run-downed by Anwar, the official religion will probably be too. Anwar has never once showed anything he would do for the religion. Read http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/mni/religious-freedom.html

The Malaysian Insider is just a front for another anti-Malay anti-BN movement.

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Re: from malaysia today (Score: 1)
by afaizbesah on Tuesday, March 18 @ 01:19:22 MYT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Saya sangat tidak senang dengan situasi ini. Lihat laman web saya untuk keterangan lanjut .

Sumber: www.klpos.com.

Anwar sahkan berunding dengan beberapa Ahli Parlimen BN

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Re: from malaysia today (Score: 1)
by bangdin on Tuesday, March 18 @ 01:29:24 MYT
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Silapnya Pak Lah kerana cuba nak tunjuk pandai dan baik dengan membebaskan Anwar. Akhirnya Anwar makan dia balek. Pak Lah resign cepat

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Re: from malaysia today (Score: 1)
by azaki on Tuesday, March 18 @ 07:30:44 MYT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Tahu kah anda semua sekarang ini UMNO yang paling dikutuk? Parti komponen BN yang lain dikutuk kerana bersenkongkol dengan UMNO. Tetapi UMNO lah paling teruk kena kutuk. UNMO pembuli; UMNO paling banyak dapat projek; UMNO paling angkuh, jumud, dsb. Disebabkan siapa? Kepala-kepala yang menerajui UMNO yang tamak haloba dan mementingkan tembolok sendiri. Sebenarnya UMNO dah lama tak bela orang Melayu. Jadi tugas paling utama ialah mencantas kepala yang busuk.

Cuba bayangkan sekiranya parti MCA, MIC, Gerakan dan parti-parti kat Sabah dan Sarawak lompat masuk pembangkan. Saya naik ngeri nak memikirkan apa akan jadi kepada UMNO dan orang Melayu. Tak hairanlah akhirnya orang Melayu jadi melukut di tepi gantang di tanah air sendiri.

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Re: Re: from malaysia today (Score: 1)
by t_teja1 on Tuesday, March 18 @ 09:11:31 MYT
(User Info | Send a Message)
Rather than keep griping on UMNO (yes some leaders are really corrupt, but most UMNO members especially at the grass root and the UMNO institution itself is noble and its foundation is pure), lets concentrate of getting the anai2 and tikus2 out. The biggest culprit is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Khairy Jamaluddin. The rest are Khairy's frens like Norza, Naina Reezal Merican, Aziz Rempit Rahim, as well as Anwar's buddies like Zahid Hamidi et al. These are the ppl breaking and damaging the foundation of UMNO for their own personal interest.

Perjuangan UMNO utk agama, bangsa dan tanahair. Those who are deemed as traitors and only wanting certain positions for their own personal interest at the expense of the parti and the Malay voters, need to be kicked out of UMNO and close the doors on them permanently.

(dari beritakmu)

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